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How to Overcome Negativity - Don"t Overcome It!

Learning how to overcome negativity can be a lengthy process, or it can be quick and easy.
Which would you prefer? Learning how to overcome negativity using NLP There are many powerful techniques in NLP that can take you through the steps to learning how to overcome negativity.
These include taking each negative trigger and changing them.
What is it that you are negative about? What is Negativity? I think I can.
I think I can...
I know I can..
So goes the little train in the nursery fable! And the ant who moved the rubber tree plant also learned how to overcome negativity he used high hopes! But what is negativity and how does it work? Think of those times when you think you can blame negativity for failure.
These are usually easy to recall because they have often frustrated us on more than one occasion.
Remember when you really wanted to try to do something but chickened out? You were so negative about your own ability the fear got hold of you and the challenge took on proportions bigger than Everest! Ill bet it wasn't Everest though.
When you look back on these times do they still look as huge as they did? Were the fuzzies in your stomach that shifted to your brain warranted? If you are completely honest with yourself do you remember there being a point where you decided to stay scared and negative? At that point you had the choice to nullify the fear and the negativity, but you chose not to.
Will you build bigger and better negativity? Or will you just let it play itself out? Negativity does appear to start with a trigger, so learning how to deal with triggers seems a great way to learn how to overcome negativity.
But negativity also appears to be more than the initial trigger itself.
It contains a sequence of events that aren't exactly clear but do have a definite point at which you decide to continue to be negative and allow the rest of the gut wrenching sequence of events to unfold.
At this point you have the choice to decide to release yourself from the negativity building sequence.
You can choose to just sit with the original negativity itself and wait as its energy dissipates.
When you decide to look at the challenge and just let the negativity subside it feels like you are cutting yourself off from your emotions.
Somehow it doesn't seem honest not to partake in the whole negative sequence.
It is like we are in a situation where our emotions are supposed to be involved in the sequence of negativity, but we just behave like we don't feel like attending school today were off to do some surfing! Get it? It feels rebellious.
We are supposed to feel scared and get more negative, but we shrug the reality and go surfing! Wow.
Remember that feeling? Another useful analogy is when we have just told someone we love them and then we turn and watch a comedy show on television as if they have left the room already.
I'm sure everyone can relate to this.
Of course we still love them, and of course they are still there, but we don't focus on the love we feel every moment.
The Love hasn't gone and we weren't lying about loving them.
We just switched our attention to the comedy.
With negativity, it still exists, but we aren't investing our attention in it.
Sure we feel a bit frightened.
But we aren't paralyzing frightened.
This can feel surreal.
When we consider the sequence rather than just the trigger we may learn how to overcome negativity not by getting rid of it, but by simply understanding and accepting it.
This dilutes it's otherwise overwhelming power over us.
It turns the big nuclear bomb of negativity into a tiny little sling shot.
Sure it can still be annoying and present, but it wont be enough to stop you from proceeding with what you want to accomplish.
Consistency of focused feelings We are so funny we human beings.
We want consistency of thought, feelings and deeds in order for us to feel honest with ourselves.
And we don't differentiate between the good stuff and the negative stuff.
We just need consistency.
Therefore, when we focus our emotions on negativity our whole biology moves in to make it self-fulfilling.
Our focus is a fast car.
You can point it in one direction and zoom, you're there.
You point it in another direction and zoom you are there! Very fast! It all happens very fast! How to overcome negativity -turn self-fulfilling negative objections into healthy sales objections.
So you missed the moment of decision and all of a sudden you have hundreds of reasons why your negative disposition is justified.
If you didn't nip it in the bud when it was easy don't despair, you can still learn how to overcome negativity at this point in the negativity sequence of events.
Here's how.
The Negativity Sequence Now that we know that negativity is not one thing but a sequence of events we can break it down and understand its sequence.
Step one- trigger.
Triggers come for all kinds of reasons.
They are basically learned behaviors.
We cant ever hope to remember all our learned behavior.
It is automatic for us now.
But we can recognize what triggered our negativity fairly easily just through observation.
Step two- decision to focus on negativity or decision to stay easy and allow negativity to dilute it's own energy.
Step three- the trigger tree.
I call step three the trigger tree because that's exactly what it is.
A tree of argument branches reaching out in all directions from the point of decision.
That is, once we decide to involve ourselves in negativity our cognition goes into fast mode and comes up with all the self-fulfilling logic that will manifest itself the more focus we give it.
Our reality now becomes the negativity sequence of event.
The easiest way to become aware of when we are caught up with a sequence of negativity is just to observe ourselves.
Just step out yourself occasionally and notice whats going on with you! By the time you are at stage three things start to get really confusing, mostly because they are happening so fast inside yourself.
Remember how remarkable you are.
Watch this sequence of negativity in yourself.
For a few moments don't fight it.
Just watch it.
Be in awe of yourself! This is an amazing sequence to witness! Sure it is currently stopping you from focusing on your goal but don't worry about that for now.
You'll be back on track very soon.
For now, just watch the negativity sequence unfold for as long as you can.
The longer you can do this the more you will realize that you can make a decision at any time during this sequence! In fact, by watching your sequence unfold you will find that it runs out of steam its energy dissipates.
The bomb becomes a tiny sling shot.
By focusing on the sequence itself it becomes almost impossible to remain negative! By focusing on it you have stepped out of it.
You are no longer involved and fueling it.

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