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How To Be One of The Rare People!

I was on vacation in Texas recently and saw a sign in a store that read: "Walk with the Dreamers.
The Believers.
The Courageous.
The Cheerful.
The Planners.
The Doers.
The Successful People with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground.
Let their spirit ignite a fire within you to leave this world better than when you found it".
So many people out in the world want to live small lives, complain and gossip and tell you five reasons why this or that won't work.
Don't associate with them! Hang around winners, those that encourage and those who are taking action with their lives.
Losers only see difficulty in every opportunity and Winners only see opportunity in every difficulty.
Successful people are successful because they didn't listen to the people who only had excuses and limiting beliefs as to why they should not do something or why their idea won't work.
Successful people listen to that small voice inside of them and continue to move forward no matter what the obstacle or hindrance may be.
Once and a while, you might see a successful person standing still, that does not mean they gave up! - they are only catching their breath before moving on again towards their goals and dreams.
It takes courage to "Be a Rare Person" because there is so much social pressure to fit in and be normal in our society that it really will test your convictions if you really want to "Be Rare".
Rare people are those who can blaze their own trail, they can do it by listening to their own silent convictions in their heart and not follow the prudent advice of their friends.
Thank God that Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Rosa Parks all decided to follow their dream, stick their necks and egos out and take a chance on being rare, standing up for what they believe in and being different.
How much time do you have left on this earth? Are you going to go to your grave with your best music still in you? What are you waiting for? Why do you put so much stock into what others think or say? Truthfully, I have found out from my own personal experience that you would be amazed to learn how little other people really do think of you.
Some people go around all day thinking that, this person and that person is thinking this and that about them and the blunt truth is, people don't even care.
If you have a dream, vision or passion in your heart - then go for it - follow up on it! Some day when you're too old to move and your body is hurting you - you'll be happy you went for it rather than having the miserable feeling of regret...
"what would have happened if I would have??" instead, you will have some wonderful memories and stories to share around the lunch table with those who only wished they had gone for it! Go on...
be rare...
live your life with the winners, stick your neck out...
because you are a winner.
You are rare!

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