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How To Take Action And Build Momentum

Did you ever find yourself thinking about the countless things you WANT to finish and NEED to accomplish but having difficulty getting these things completed? Or perhaps you find yourself wanting to change some things in your life but feel trapped or is afraid of making changes?

When you are so used to doing something for the longest time and you have become comfortable with a specific routine, it's just difficult to break away from it and start something different. And so we hold back and linger until we gather the courage to think and feel that perhaps it's time to move on.

But when would you know? What would it take you to bring you forward with your life and do something? What are you waiting for? The longer it takes for us to make some action, the more difficult it is for us to get started. There is no right or wrong time for something that needs to be done. If you need to do it, do it immediately. Here's how you can take action and build momentum:

1) Be committed.

Taking the necessary action steps take commitment. Most of us have limited commitment to taking the actions that will bring us to our goals, so commit toward making consistent and purposeful action, and focus!

2) Break it down; take baby steps.

It's more easier to get ourselves to finish some smaller tasks. Every little action will in the course of time begin to build momentum and produce results, as long as we are consistent. Make it your primary mission to move forward consistently. Your confidence will also grow with each step you make.

3) Don't get consumed with the outcome.

Focusing on the outcome too early can result to frustration when you don't see the results you expect. Even if you're not yet seeing the results you want, for now concentrate on your actions instead. Remember no. 1 in this list - be committed.

These are 3 very simple things, but very effective once practiced. So take action and build momentum today. If you accomplish something every day that moves you toward your purpose and goal, you'll be too busy to think about making excuses. Dale Carnegie made this point nicely when he said: "Inaction creates doubt and fear. Action raises confidence and courage. Do not sit home and think about fear if you want to conquer it. Go out and get busy."

The best time to get started is NOW.

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