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The Million Pound Question

Everybody, everybody, everybody has something they want to stop doing or want to start doing but find they don't have the motivation to start it.
The desire, albeit weak, is there but the willpower is just now there.
I have spoken to a lot of clients who speak about various problems and a lot of the time they say I have tried this or that and I cannot do it.
I cannot find a way to give up that habit, I cannot motivate myself to get to the gym, and I cannot do this or cannot start that.
I always ask the questions: Do you have the skill to do it? Invariably they look at me and ask 'what do you mean?' I mean do you literally have the skill to do what you want to do or want to stop.
For example when speaking to people who want to get fit and lose weight, I ask them if they have the skill.
I ask them could they get to the gym okay? Yes they could, could you learn how to use the machines at the gym? Yes they could.
All well and good.
So you have figured out that they have the skill to do it.
Next question.
Do you have the time to do it? A lot of people say they don't really have the time to do it and can't fit it in to their busy lives.
Always, without fail we find a way to fit going to the gym or even going for a brisk walk in the morning.
If you are using this as an excuse, it's just that, an excuse.
Do you have the motivation to do it? This is the killer.
A lot of people can't admit to themselves that they don't have the motivation.
'I just can't do it, I'm too busy, too tired, too worked up, too this too that'.
There is every excuse under the sun, and I have done it myself on numerous occasions.
Next I ask them If I gave you 1 million pounds would you find a way to do it? Yes! Everybody would find a way to do what they wanted to do for 1 million pounds.
If you have the skill and you can find the time (and everybody can find the time) you can do it.
The fact is you are not making it important enough for you to do.
It's as simple as that.
Make your goal a MUST not an 'I really should do that'; I'll really need to do that'.
You do things everyday you don't particularly want to do but you make it a must because you have to.
Most people do not like their work but they get up every day to go to work because they have to, it is a must for them they need the money to feed themselves and their family.
How do you make your goal a must? Make it important enough for you and bring in everybody else like your family.
For example, losing weight (I know, but it's a goal that a lot of people have), you make it a must by telling yourself; If you don't go for a walk every day or to the gym everyday you will feel unfit, you will get fat, your love life will start to go downhill, you lose respect for yourself, your health will suffer, your clothes don't fit etc etc.
Make the positives of going outweigh the negatives of staying in limbo.
Next time you find yourself making excuses for something that you want to do ask the million pound question; If someone was to give me a million pounds would I find a way to do this? And then work out a plan for doing what you want to do.

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