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Keeping Your Wheels Organized

When the wheels are organized, driving around feels safer; during the holiday season you will probably be driving around more.
There is no time like the present to get the car cleaned and organized.
The following are a few ideas on how to get this accomplished: 1) Keep a trash bin in your car and empty it everyday when you get home.
2) If your car is treated like an office in wheels, keep an universal charger kit next to the driver's seat.
3) If you go from one activity to another, keep easily maneuverable bins, bags or containers in the trunk.
You will be able to corral similar items in one place.
4) Do you often find yourself doing paperwork in the car? If the answer is yes, you need to have a portable file system that can be kept in the front passenger seat.
The more entertained the children are while you drive the least distractions you will have.
1) Hang a car organizer from one of the back seats.
It will hold CDs, school supplies, hand wipes, etc.
2) Hang a removable table from the other seat.
It will give them a place to play card games, do homework or rest their snacks.
3) If you have space in between the seats you can put a snack container there.
It can be easily removed for cleaning up spills or refilling.
The trunk is usually a place of improvement as lots of things are usually kept in there, such as: beach chairs, bag with extra clothes, sun block, plastic bags (for wet clothes), paper towels, baby powder (to remove sand from feet), first aid kit.
The key is to have a place for all of this gear.
Sport bags, baskets, collapsible bins will help you keep it all in place, and take it out of the trunk when not in use anymore.
Do not forget to put together a collision kit and always keep it in the car.
One can easily be made by putting together note paper, pens, a disposable camera, pre-made labels with your information on it, in a child's utensil bag.
It will keep everything in one place and when need it you will not be searching all over the car for the items.
Last but certainly not least...
every time you arrive home, clear the car of anything that does not permanently belong in it.
Keep a tote or basket in the car for this purpose, and have your passengers help.
Keep at it, and it will become second nature.

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