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Multitasking Is the Enemy

Everyone likes to claim that they can multitask well.
Some will even brag that they are excellent multitaskers and will take pride in it.
However, what they might not realize is that being good at multitasking is not really such a good thing.
There have been more and more studies that are being done that say multitasking is in fact not so good for you.
When you multitask you will do a little bit of everything all at once.
Your attention will be on the next thing that you will have to do.
This will basically mean that you never have your full attention on one task at a time.
Many times you will only have a certain percentage on a given task.
This will lead to a few negative aspects of multitasking.
The first one is that you will take much longer to get everything done than you would if you just focused on doing one thing at a time.
If you gave 100 percent focus on doing one thing at a time you are going to get it done much faster than if you only had 20 percent of your focus on it.
What this means to you is that you should work on one thing at a time.
You will get it done much faster and chances are that it will also have better quality to it.
The next bad thing about multitasking is that we as humans are not designed to multitask.
It overloads our brain, which is never a good thing.
We are designed to work on one thing at a time.
Some of the new studies that have come out show that those who multitask all the time are actually much worse at doing it than those who do not do it all the time.
So that means you should only do it when you absolutely have to.
If you can avoid multitasking then you should.
In doing so you will be able to multitask better when you have too.
If you can avoid multitasking you will find that you will be much more productive with your days.
It is a good feeling to get a lot of quality work done in a day.
It can be quite rewarding.

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