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Finding Peace - Energy For November

We have been experiencing some really intense energies for several months now.
We have been shaken, stirred, squeezed and pounded since August.
We have experienced headaches as our Pineal gland has been stretched to the limit so it can hold more energy.
Our feet, legs and hips have hurt as the higher vibrations have stretched our grounding cords.
Our backs have hurt as the spinal fluid has changed and adjusted.
We and our pets have been grumpy, stressed and anxious.
Finally, all of this has changed.
We have finally been forced through the tiny doorway into a new reality.
The energy is more expansive and peaceful than it has been for a long time.
It feels like we are in a large room waiting for our turn to be squeezed through another even smaller doorway.
It almost feels like we are in a void, like we are in a large, empty room which feels so strange after all the constriction we have been through.
But, it feels so good to be able to stretch and expand.
It is nice to feel a sense of peace for a change.
It is nice to feel a sense of hope for the future once again.
There is an excitement in the air like there is something wonderful just around the corner.
It is important to use this expansive energy to manifest what we want in our future.
It is more important than ever to stay focused on the positive things we want to see and not the things we don't want.
This powerful energy will easily manifest what we are focusing on.
Focus on Love and Peace so that will be our creation!

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