Health & Medical Self-Improvement

Getting to the Root Cause

Why are you feeling the way you are? You need to ask yourself some tough questions to figure out why you are in the emotional state that seems to strangle you? There are always modifications you can make to improve your life. It is only when you turn to your inner self, you find that you have the power to better yourself and your life.

Look into the mirror. Notice the person peering back at you. Is this the person you desire to be? Are you happy with who you have become and your lifestyle? Do you want more out of your life? Is something holding you back? Many times, when you actually take the time to review your life circumstances that you discover that the person in the mirror just might be the primary place to start. It is often in these moments of reflection that you can have a helpful conversation with yourself. (Yes, having a conversation with yourself in the mirror is the best opening point to get to the root cause as to why you feel the way you do.) It is also a fine way to discover the path toward less resistance. After all, only you have the power to let go of those things from your past that may be stopping your forward progress.

After you have had a constructive conversation with yourself, what did you unearth? If you learned nothing, then you haven't lifted the fog from your sight; and the bridge to opportunity remains unclear. Discover the root cause of your blockages by scheduling daily talks with yourself. Your soul actually knows the answer. The more you open up to yourself, the more you learn about yourself. Then only will you begin to see the bigger picture. When you look at the photo to your left, you only see a small part of a bridge. When you fine-tune your vision and you open your mind and heart, suddenly the clouded veil is lifted and you begin to see more than just bits and pieces of your life. Now you can see what lies beyond the haze€¦what lies right affront of you. No longer is that walk across the bridge scary. Now you have the power to feel more confident about yourself in achieving the life you want to lead. I promise you - it is not rocket science. It is simply having the willpower to move beyond your emotional battles and the obstacles you have put before yourself. Once you have clarity of vision, nothing can stop you. You are on your way home.

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