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I sit many nights and ponder what purpose or gift I have been given to share with others.
I take a constant inventory of myself and realize that life without any purpose is not life at all.
My family sleeps and I dream of giving them everything that I have never been able to grasp.
It is not monetary or material things, but the gift of living life to their fullest potential.
I conflict with myself, a constant battle that only brings more humility, tenacity, and desire.
My conscience screams at me when I know that I should be doing more as I see me in the mirror doing less.
If you are in this world only for yourself, then your fate is already sealed.
Why not give, share, and love like tomorrow is not going to come? If it does, it is another blessing that you can use to become a better person.
I sit here with my subtle soliloquy and just feel compelled to try to motivate and help all who want to envision themselves as treasures in the lives of others.
What have you accomplished today? Did you love, laugh, and uplift? I truly say this to all of those who will hear this.
I pray for you all and yearn for your success.
Not just in a business sense, but in a true, abundant, and blissful hope that will come to pass with true devotion.
Everyday is a different path that eventually leads to a crossroad.
At times, we take a left when we should have turned right, but if we keep our compass pointing in one direction we triumphantly reach our destination.
Ask yourself a few questions: What if your life's light faded today? Would you have pronounced and proclaimed your life? Would you have a lasting legacy for others to cherish? Would you have fulfilled your destiny of greatness? Did you love as you were meant to live? Did you serve God to the best of your spirit? Did you forgive all who forsake you? Did you treasure each day you were given? Was your family blessed by your heart? Were your children taught to survive? Were your friends given utmost friendship? Did you honor all of the debts that you owed? Did you become your calling? Did you follow the path of your fate? Did you give until you could give no more? Have I done all of these today and in my life? No.
Will I? I don't know.
What I do know is that I will never give up trying.
I will never let that small ember that dwells within the deepest part of my heart flame out.
I will keep it smoldering until it finally turns into a great inferno that nothing in this world could put out! Do that for yourself.
Do everything else for others.

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