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What is the Law of Attraction?

You might already be well informed about the Law of Attraction or this might be new to you.
The law of attraction allows us to change a negative set of patterns and turn our lives around.
Many believe that we don't have this much control or that there is something wrong with tampering with our lives.
The fact is that we all deserve to have better lives and to increase our prosperity.
Human beings want love and need money to live on.
Those with money are in a much better position to give to others than those who don't.
Often those with the most generous hearts have little to nothing to give and yet they give anyway.
That can lead to depletion, depression and illness.
You will not be able to attract good things into your life if at the core of it all you hold the belief that having things, money, being healthy and loving and enjoying life is somehow a bad thing.
No one thinks that logically but we inherit these beliefs not only from our families but from the community, the media, at school, church and in our world.
Poverty is often misperceived as a sacred thing.
The poor helping the poor makes no sense.
There is nothing sacred or spiritual about holding onto a poverty consciousness.
It will just leave us with empty pockets and empty hearts.
The Law of Attraction is about receiving.
How comfortable are you with the concept of receiving more good into your life? You might even understand how this all works and yet, it doesn't happen for you.
That could be because there is a core belief that is stopping you from receiving.
It's important to get to the route of that core belief and pull it out of the ground so that it can't thrive.
It needs to be replaced with a new core belief.
One that permits us to receive, have and hold onto the best that life has to offer.
We need to feel worthy in order to allow this to happen.
Everyone deserves a chance to receive.
Those who have been most deprived from birth on, continue the cycle of self deprivation unless they work very hard at reversing the pattern.
If you are wondering how to begin to do this, it's important to look within yourself and examine these issues carefully.
Be fully honest about any level of discomfort you feel when you imagine yourself receiving large sums of money or having a life filled with love and adventure.
There is excitement and exhilaration but it can also stir up fear and reservation.
Little voices in our heads say the strangest things telling us why we don't deserve to have what others have.
Once you understand what holds you back and blocks you from receiving you can proceed to build up a greater tolerance for having the things you want.

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