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Choosing a Mentor

When you are looking to be guided on the path of Life I definitely would recommend a mentor.
You can choose a mythical or real mentor alive or dead.
Either way when you have sufficiently researched the individual then that person becomes alive and real to you.
Alexander The Great chose Hercules - the mythical Greek God as his mentor.
Alexander who was one of the all time famous leaders of men and who conquered most of the known world at the time, was one of the greatest strategists and tacticians there ever was.
He achieved more in his short lifetime than most people achieve in a 100 lifetimes.
Alexander The Great lived from 356 - 323 BC and departed this world when he was still short of his 33rd birthday.
He succeeded his father (upon his death) as King when he was only 20.
General George Patton Jr.
who was one of the finest ever American military generals achieved a tremendous amount throughout his military career and was one of the most decorated generals for his outstanding success and bravery.
He modelled himself on Alexander The Great and studied the strategies and tactics of Alexander and used the information he discovered to great affect.
Patton's success especially in world war 2 is legendary.
Is it any wonder then that Patton chose Alexander the Great as his mentor! It is better to ultimately study the life of a successful person or persons rather than someone who was a complete failure.
Of course you can learn some things from a person deemed a 'failure'.
You can definitely learn from their mistakes and avoid the same pitfalls.
There are various ways to research and find someone that you particularly could identify with.
Two of the best places to source and research information are Google Online and your local library.
Always do thorough 'Due Diligence' in order to find the ideal person to model yourself on.
You could also study the lives of 2, 3 or 4 different very successful people and take some of the best qualities of each and mix the cocktail into you.
Taking some of the best traits from 3 or 4 successful people and then looking to emulate some of their best qualities is a very worthy thing.
Providing you can genuinely attain these special qualities then you have every chance of achieving greatness in your life.
It is critically important for you to choose the right mentor for you.
Ask yourself certain questions as to why you seek a mentor.
Are you looking to improve your prospects, your career, and your life? Consider the questions and the potential answers.
There are many remarkable people who have achieved astonishing success despite many massive challenges in their lives.
The adversity that many have had to overcome gives you the added strength to succeed whatever the odds are against you.
When you study and discover about the pain and sacrifice that your mentor or mentors went through this will help make you wiser and possibly tougher when faced with your own challenges.
Find yourself a great mentor worthy of you and what you seek in this life.
Best of luck in your search Martin Jeszke www.

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