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Having A Failure Or A Setback Isn"t Going To Affect The Outcome At All

So many people give up when they meet their first defeat, when they get a setback, when they get a refusal, when they get a rejection, when they get a no. Obviously, we would say that's because they didn't have a firm enough designed desire to accomplish what it is they want to accomplish.

Being connected with LatinoLandia, I listen to a lot of my news in Spanish. I was listening to the news recently, and there was a story about a young gentleman, aged 17 or 18, who hit and killed a policeman.

He had done this trying to avoid a dragnet they had set up. I don't know what they were doing, and I don't know what he was doing. It could have been that he saw police stopping everybody. It could've been he was drinking. It could've been he was a criminal...that I don't know.

But the impression I got from the brief play on the radio was that the boy was trying to avoid the roadblock. And doing that, he lost control of his car and killed an officer, may he rest in peace. He died for his country... he died doing well.

And the boy-well, this is Mexico, so neither you nor I know what his fate will be. But the fate of the normal people that I talk to and work with on an everyday basis... a lot of them say they really want to achieve, a lot of them say they have tried but been defeated, and of course legions more never really tried, and were defeated. That was easy.

I'm talking about, what does it say? Well, let me ask you this-this was a failure for la Ciudad de Mexico, for Mexico City, to lose a commissioned police officer. But do you for one moment think that they've ever even entertained the idea of not using these roadblocks, or stopping these dragnets, or whatever they call them? I know you know what I'm talking about.

Do you think they'd ever once talked about not using them anymore, and do you think the government of the United States has ever once decided maybe we shouldn't?

They could avoid seemingly needless deaths like this...

And how about the UK, how about Australia? How about Colombia? No, no, there are casualties, there are prices, there are errors, there are things that will go bad. That's the way it is. Those who know what they're doing prepare the best they can for those eventualities. And they suffer the price when they can't.

On a personal level, for the policeman's spouse and family, it's a tragedy. God, bless his family! For the city, the country, and the world, it's a statistic.

The police? They know what they're doing, and they know why they're doing it. And having a failure or a setback isn't going to affect their outcome at all. It isn't going to affect their practices at all.

Same way with you and me... We know exactly what we want, why, and we're engaged in getting it. Having a "failure" or a setback isn't going to affect the outcome at all.

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