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5 Key Elements Every Motivational Or Inspirational Speaker Must Do

Not only does the corporate world offer it's traditions of inspiring employees to become more focused through inspirational and motivational speaking engagements, many keynote speakers are finding that they are also useful inspiring our youth within our churches, parents, and schools.
 Speaking engagements are usually designed to encourage, motivate, and inspire but the focus now is not only within the high-rises of wall street but with high school students of all ethnic, social, and economic backgrounds motivating them to stay in school, stay out of trouble, or even when considering a career that they wish to aspire to.
  With delinquency on the rise, and much of the aimless wondering of the youth today, motivating our young adults seems to be an ambiguous practice.
It is the justification of many parents, businesses, mentors, churches and schools are turning towards inspiring our youth through teaching by motivational speakers and inspirational retreats.
  It is a known fact the cost per capita of supervising young people in detention, juvenile delinquent centers and overseeing young offenders throughout our judicial systems is extremely high.
 And the efforts of those in these positions and offices, even though they mean well, just don't pay off.
 "The key factors in reaching our youth are through a change of heart", says "Peggi Merkey, owner and founder of "Can You Hear Me Now?" a platform for motivational and inspirational speakers of all "walks of life".
  But how do we reach their hearts? This is the question many inspirational speakers and motivational speakers seem to have a handle on.
Melvin Adams, Former Harlem Globetrotter shares, "Whether the subject is making wise choices as a youth, or learning how to be an exceptional parent," or maintaining ethical decisions in the work place, you will find Melvin persuading through his branded sense of humor to become successful in every area of life.
In order to reach anyone, and especially our youth, humor seems to break away their boundaries and allows them to listen to someone who has been there.
 This is a simple but difficult task when trying to inspire anyone to success.
  There are 5 key elements in reaching your audience.
They are all elements that must all be included and linked one to another.
 It is difficult to have one without the other, and many of them are part of how some inspirational speakers are reaching our youth, our businesses, our co-workers, our churches, and any and everyone that needs a "leg up" today.
Creative Teaching: Education no doubt, is a key factor in changing the world! But if the person or group you are trying to teach does not want to hear what the subject is, there will be no learning.
Key to learning is desire, so how do you get the student, child or employee to HAVE desire?   2.
Motivation: Motivation will create desire.
It is the gasoline inside the vehicle to get it moving.
 It sounds like just a logistic issue but it goes much deeper than that.
Motivation has been twarted along the way.
The person has subconsciously "stopped" believing in change, in gain, or lost faith in growth.
So, to be educated and open up the learning process to a new wave of thought, one must be motivated.
 And how do you motivate someone who doesn't want to be motivated? You must first break down the barriers.
Breaking Barriers: In order to break down any barrier whether in your own life, your employee's life or a child's mind and heart, one must be invited into that person's mind creatively and instinctively.
This is why many motivational speakers use humor.
Using Humor: Humor is an incredible tool and powerful motivator.
Motivational Messages are most successful when the speaker can walk up to the mic and ever so effortlessly tell a joke that the audience can relate to.
The most successful keynote speakers are the ones that are just naturally humorous.
It is an art, a talent, a gift that not everyone possesses.
Successful humorous motivational speakers can cut to the chase and share personal moments, taking the listener off guard.
 Once the listener has laughed, loosened up and allowed the boundaries to fall, the next step is strategic in the final event of inspiring an audience.
Up-close and Personal: This is when the speaker uses his own life, his experiences, his weaknesses and his personal testimony to become the object of the humor.
 Once this is done, it leaves the listener to decide for themselves whether they want to assimilate for themselves what the speaker is sharing, and learn from it.
This is when the speaker adds his ultimate motivational messages and call to action allowing each and every person to make a change, even if it's just to move one degree closer toward the goal.
This moment is crucial in inspirational speaking and is the determining factor why one is successful in reaching their audience or not.
  Ultimately, the desire is to have the audience in a conducive environment which will allow the speaker to use those "gifts" as a tool that will enable them to make the most of their natural potential, to realize their dreams and to act on their aspirations.

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