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Focus shift from ‘me" to "we"

Imagine a situation where the HR Head and CEO sits together and review the six monthly team performances and discussing the plans for coming year and how each individual should perform. To increase the success ratio of team members the managers need to transform from the focus from 'me' to 'we'.

Following points are taken into consideration:

Communicate Openly

The team leaders should be open and very well connected between the team members and managers for sharing the flow of information. In this way the managers will come to know the team leader and if the members are performing their tasks and whether the team is well aligned with the organizational goal. With this everyone will have confidence about their working style and the desired results along with their self growth.

Be Transparent

The organization's common goal should be shared within the team. The information sharing should be transparent where the reviews and status of the task allotted should be discussed openly at regular intervals. Sometimes assigning tasks to the team member can be a challenge for the manager where the tiff can come between a person who is capable of doing this and one who is interested to perform the task. The manager should always recognize people for the good work they do and this will bring a sense of belonging within them and they will always go extra miles to help for the project.

Build Credibility

When the Manager comes on time in office then only he can preach the same to his team mates. He should build the credibility first and then can take lead in everything, the team will then surely listen and there will be no need to pressurize them to get the work done.

Celebrate Success

If the projects become successful and are appreciated by the top leadership the collective effort of the team should be very well appreciated and if the appreciation comes from the top management it should then be open heartedly shared with the team members. This gesture will then motivate them to perform better. This will do good to not only on the overall performance of the organization; the team and also on the individual growth of the employee within and outside team; together and individually.

Seek Feedback

At closing stage feedback plays very important role in the development of the team. If the manager thinks that the team leader is lacking people management then they should arrange for the required training. In this way the team performance might improve else the person is given a new role to act upon and play their important part in the development of the company which in-turn develops them.

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